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I hereby state, I am Very pleased that I was able to accomplish all the development projects effectively and in maximum level by fulfilling the expectations of the people, assigned for Gampaha District in 2016, through the well management of the Divisional Secretariats and the other government institutions relevant to the respective District Secretariat.

In performing these functions, it should be appreciated the Gampaha District officials, who are contributed to this success.

In this task they have fully used the knowledge, which they were given by technical training courses to provide the best tools of modern, efficient and productive service. Thus, I state here it was able to use the provisions meaningfully, allocated to Gampaha District.

We were able to maintain coordination between Government agencies, development activities and smarter perform of the identified needs of the people and give those to the Central Government through the District Co-coordinating Committee at the District Secretariat in 2016, District Planning Bidder, District Agriculture Committee, District Housing Bidder and Divisional Secretaries meetings and other Progress Review Meeting of the Gampaha district political authority.

The certificate of our fullest support and commitment in providing assurance services is lack of complaints about the state officials in the Gampaha District. In order to success the theme of of Goodgovernance by giving the fullest corporation to the Performance components of His Excellency President in national programs such as local food products for a better society, prevention of drug addiction, environment conservation and kidney disease and Dengue prevention to providing maximum contribution in the Gampaha district and completing the development projects successfully in Gampaha District while maintaining the admistration structure.

Sunil Jayalath

District Secretary / Government Agent - Gampaha